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giving back to Bali

giving back to Bali

we've had many friends + followers reach out to ask how the pandemic has affected Bali, and asking if there are ways to give back to the region. our reply: tourists have not been allowed into Indonesia since March 20, and with a staggering 80%+ of the island economy relying on tourism, to say this is a difficult time for the island is an understatement. many have been left with no money to buy food and other basic necessities. 

of course all of our artisan partners are also affected by the current affairs, but your purchase and patronage allows us to continue placing orders with them which contributes to their livelihoods and many times to their village. if your heart calls you to give back to Bali in other ways, below are some of the initiatives and organizations that we have supported.

the KIM Women's Centre serves divorced women, and mothers of children with disabilities whom are often ostracized in Balinese culture. these women are not included amongst those who are considered eligible to receive aid from official or village institutions, so it is especially critical that they continue receiving donations during this time:

the local family who runs Tresna Cooking School in Ubud has shifted their focus to form the Feed Bali organization, where they are using their food resources to give back. they've compiled a database of over 5000 food-deficit families living in remote villages. their mission is to provide the most in-need families with food sourced by local farmers. a $30 donation feeds an average family for 2 weeks:

Kopernik is another organization we have long supported. they're based in Bali and committed to serving communities in the most remote parts of the developing world. they're currently raising money to provide support to healthcare workers, prevent the spread of COVID-19 and provide livelihood support to all those who have lost their income:




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