dreamcatcher project


we created the dreamcatcher project to sustainably give back to organizations whose missions align with our values: 20% of all proceeds from the sale of our dreamcatchers are donated to our giving partners in Bali and Los Angeles. we believe that like dreamcatchers, our contributions to these organizations will help spread positivity and inspire others to go after their dreams.

the local organization we give back to in LA is Alexandria House--a transitional home for homeless women and children. they offer a variety of services, including child care, job training, and counseling to help the women become sustainable and prepare them to live on their own. you can read more about the Alexandria House at: www.alexandriahouse.org

similarly, our local giving partner in Bali is an organization founded to support and empower marginalized women-- divorcees, single mothers, mothers of children with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community. The PKP Community Centre facilitates job training programs, teaches healthy cooking habits, spreads environmental awareness within their programs, & provides income-generating opportunities for families. We are committed to helping the ladies at PKP in their mission by contributing to their projects which you can read more about here: www.pkpcommunitycentre.org


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