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CEREMONIA goes to Flores

CEREMONIA goes to Flores

I hope you're all ok with me bringing #ceremoniawanderlustwednesday to the blog. as some may know, prior to the pandemic I'd been based in Bali the last 2.5+ years with my honey. despite all our time spent getting to know Bali, we didn't venture to other parts of Indonesia too often, but we finally made it a point to explore more this past march. 

on march 9 we left Bali without a set itinerary and ready to explore the remote eastern islands. we started in Flores, which is about a 2 hour flight away (or 2 day boat ride which is not recommended from the horror stories I've read and heard from other travelers), and flights are relatively cheap, I think we got our one-way tickets from Denpasar for about $60 per person. we spent the first 2 nights in Labuan Bajo which is the port town where many travelers base themselves for diving trips and other excursions such as visiting Komodo Island--the only place in the world where you can see the komodo dragon. there are many cheap guest houses and places to stay, but I highly recommend seaesta, a newer property with a fun rooftop pool and vibe, yummy restaurant, and clean and comfy private rooms. we paid about $50/night and were very happy with our stay, food, and service.  

we decided to splurge a bit for my birthday (pisces!), so on march 11 we took off on a private island adventure with le pirate. having stayed at their Nusa Ceningan property, I already knew what to expect design and service-wise, and so I was happy to spend my birthday glamping on their private island. and that is where we were, tucked away in our tents, maybe snorkeling, or hiking up a green grass hill, enjoying a cocktail, playing scrabble, without reception, away from the noise and chaos when news of the pandemic hit. these are the pictures I captured on our private island adventure, and ones I will hold close to my heart forever for many reasons. it was a birthday to remember, so much beauty, and also the most life-changing one--the entire world changed over night. but during the moments captured here, we were blissfully unaware. I really wasn't worried about too much. I miss that feeling. 

picture of beautiful private island in flores indonesia
a photo of the glamp tent on the beach for le pirate

view from inside our hut le pirate flores indonesia

ceremonia girl in the fields in flores indonesia

huts on a beach at sunset le pirate flores indonesia

girl on hammock in flores indonesia
CEREMONIA goes to Flores
sunset at flores indonesia

two beach chairs on private beach in flores indonesia le pirate

hold onto your memories, and know that things will get better. at least that's what we keep reminding ourselves. 


[all photos were taken and belong to ©CEREMONIA. photos may only be re-shared with our consent and with proper credit given to us. thank you]

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