Handwoven Fan - Soplador

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These hand fans are intricately woven by artisan families in Michoacan. They're handcrafted using chuspata, a local straw-like fiber. The soplador fans are practical, and they're also beautiful when used to decorate walls, style shelves, or as table displays. They also carry a deeper meaning: culture and tradition--a beautiful party favor or gift at weddings, bridal showers, and other special occasions. 

These fans have been made for centuries dating back to the prehispanic era. Families have walked down to the lake to source the chuspata--a natural straw-like fiber, then they allow their harvests to dry a few days before starting to weave the material into fans and other goods. The fans are traditionally used by families to start outdoor fires for cooking and crafting. 


  • materials used: chuspata (water grass) fibers
  • ready-to-hang
  • small fan: 12"x6", medium fan: 18"x9"
  • due to handmade nature, slight variations may occur

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