essential oil

if you haven’t already added essential and absolute oils to your cabinet, what are you waiting for? the uses and benefits for these oils are endless. they can be used for therapeutic, healing, beauty, or practical purposes around the house. you can incorporate essential and absolute oils into your day-to-day by adding them to your bath/shower, room humidifier, diffuser, mixing them in your DIY cosmetics projects, or using them around your home to help neutralize odors. there are many ways to use each oil, but the way you intend to use them will determine what type of oil is most suitable for you.

essential oils are primarily produced through steam distillation which makes them more pure and better suited for medicinal use. some flowers, like cempaka, frangipani, and jasmine are too delicate for steam distillation. instead, delicate plants, flowers, and herbs go through a solvent extraction process which creates an essence that becomes an absolute oil. absolute oils have a higher concentration of aromatics and retain scents that are truer to nature. for this reason, they are more commonly used for beauty and cosmetic purposes, whereas essential oils are more pure and a better option for aromatherapy and other holistic health treatments.

in short, if you are interested in holistic and medicinal benefits, we recommend using essential oils, if you are more concerned with fragrance, then we suggest using absolute oils.

CEREMONIA absolute oils: cempaka, chamomile, frangipani, jasmine, rose

CEREMONIA essential oils: lavender, lemongrass, patchouli, sandalwood

directions: add 5-6 drops to bath or vaporiser, or dilute in 10-15ml of carrier oil to use as massage or fragrance oil.

warning: do not use undiluted on skin. do not use on broken or irritated skin. if pregnant or suffering from medical condition seek advice before use. for external use only. avoid contact with eyes. keep out of reach of children.

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