Beaded Bamboo Box - Tribal White

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To make these traditional ceremonial boxes, our artisan partners rely on ancient weaving techniques that have been passed down to them across multiple generations. Then, they spend many hours to intricately string thousands of beads to cover each box with a unique geometric design. 

These unique hand-beaded bamboo boxes are both functional and stylish. They can be used to store hand towels, toiletries, coasters, office supplies, and other essentials. Meanwhile, the decorative beaded boxes also look stunning when styled on shelves, vanities, and console tables. Each box can be purchased individually or as part of a nesting basket set. 


  • materials used: bamboo, acrylic craft beads
  • approx. mini:  5" x 5", small: 6" x 6", medium: 7" x 7"
  • due to the handmade nature of these pieces, slight variations may occur


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