mini teak bowl + spoon set


teak wood is known to be one of the best quality woods because of its beauty and durability, but it's important to know where your teak wood is coming from as many forests have been illegally cut down, leading to issues of deforestation. we source our teak responsibly from Javanese family farms, so you can rest assured your purchase is sustainable.

this adorable miniature teak bowl + spoon set is great for holding spices, condiments, salt & pepper, or our favorite way to use them is for mixing at-home face masks. if properly cared for, teak wood will last a very long time. 

  • materials used: teak wood
  • approx. bowl 3" diameter, spoon approx. 4" long
  • care instructions: wash with mild soap, and let dry completely before storing to prevent mold. many people also choose to oil their teak.
  • due to handmade nature of these items, slight variations may occur


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