handmade high fire clay shot glass



these artisanal shot glasses are handmade by our Michoacan artisan partner Maribel's family. she is well-known in her town for producing high quality ceramics and was eager to meet with me to show me her workshop and process. 

to make these shot glasses, first the clay mix is prepared then placed in molds. once they're made, they're left to lose water then once again re-molded and placed in the shade where they dry for one week, before they're left out in the sun for a few days. the shot glasses are then placed in a 1000° C (1832° F) oven for 5 hours. the next step is to paint them with a base coat mix, then painted and decorated with their final finish. finally, they're ready for one last trip to the oven where they're left at a temperature of 1200° C (2192° F) for 10 hours. the process is long, intense, and carefully calculated, which is what makes these pieces so special and high quality.

WOW your guests with our unique shot glasses at your next gathering, or simply enjoy sipping on your mezcal or tequila from them during your next at-home happy hour or backyard picnic. 



  • materials used: clay
  • approx. size 1.5" x 1.5" x 3", holds 2 oz.
  • due to handcrafted nature, slight variations should be expected

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