mala bead bracelet

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while our mala bead bracelets are a beautiful fashion statement, they hold a much higher purpose. in the 8th century BC, Indian seers used mala beads during prayer & meditation—to keep count while reciting mantras & chants, to track the repetition of a deity’s name, or to count the number of breaths while meditating.

our mala bead bracelets have been blessed by a Balinese priest underneath a full moon in a traditional ceremony--“it is about the purification [of the mala beads], to create balance & harmony, with hope for the happiness & prosperity of those who wear [them].” so much love and good energy has gone into the making & blessing of all our malas.

your mala beads can be worn as a bracelet, placed on your altar at home, on your nightstand, in your car, at your desk or anywhere else. we recommend placing them somewhere you spend a lot of time, and where you may need a reminder to stay connected to a deeper meditative state. they make for a super thoughtful gift, and beautiful friendship bracelets. 

Howlite: reduces anxiety, tension & stress, promotes serenity, brings feelings of peace & happiness, helps eliminate negative energy.

Lava Stone: brings sense of calm, relieves anxiety, provides strength & courage, grounding, strengthens one connection to the earth.

Sandalwood: invokes tranquility & inner peace, awakens the divine, promotes profound relaxation, increases spiritual energy.

Tiger Eye: promotes harmony, helps one stay calm & focused, relieves anxiety & fear, inspires self-confidence & courage.

Wood: helps create balance, calms scattered energies, offers stability, encourages new goals & life paths, increases awareness.

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