Papua freedom cowrie shell necklace

To create this awe-inspiring stand piece, dozens of cowrie shells, have been intricately placed on a woven macramé. Bring culture, tradition, and history into your space with our decorative shell necklace stand. Our traditional Papua shell stand looks stunning styled in an entry way, living area, office or den.  

Our eye-catching freedom shell necklace helms from west papua--an island in Indonesia that has preserved their rich tribal culture. Cowrie shells hold a great history and meaning in the region. They've been historically worn by royals as a symbol of wealth and power, and were once used as a form of currency. They still carry a great ritualistic meaning in many areas throughout the world.


  • materials used: shells, cotton, stand is made of iron
  • includes stand
  • approx. 8-9" wide, total height on stand 12.5"
  • due to the handmade nature of this piece and the materials used, slight variations may occur

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