dreamcatcher crescent moon "bulan" - white

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dreamcatchers have a long history and tradition in Native American culture. legend has it that dreamcatchers will only allow for the good dreams to pass through and remain in the room, while trapping all the bad dreams within the weaving until they disappear before the first rays of sun come out in the morning. many people choose to place their dreamcatchers above their bed, but they can be placed in any room or space, as they are believed to change the energy anywhere they are. 

the legends surrounding the use of dreamcatchers have inspired other cultures to create their own interpretations of them. we've encountered so many beautiful dreamcatcher creations all over the world, so we put together a thoughtful collection to share our favorite and most unique renditions of them. 20% of proceeds for all dreamcatcher sales are donated to our giving partner organizations. 

our "bulan" (moon) macramé dreamcatcher is equal parts lulling, whimsical, and striking. this piece evokes feelings of beauty, strength, peace and tranquility while also inspiring the dreamer in us all. it's a beautiful statement piece for any bedroom, nursery, guest room, or living area. 


  • materials used: cotton, chicken feathers, wooden beads
  • approx. moon size 12": 12" x 6", total length 32"
  • approx. moon size 16": 16" x 8", total length 40"
  • available in black or cream
  • ready to hang
  • due to the handmade nature of this item, slight variations may occur

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